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Happy new year!
Welcome to the best year yet! Truly we should give God glory and praise for doing what He's always done! He has saw us through another year and we MUST be grateful. No doubt there were many twists and turns during 2016 but God is still in charge and He is still on the throne.

Many times at the turn of the year people make resolutions and plans to do things differently. Weight loss, save more & spend less and spending more time with the family just to name a few. As we enter 2017, I invite you to join me in the "Better in 30" campaign. From January 2-31 we'll do better in various areas of our lives. Prayer, Reading & Studying the Word, Worship, Relationships, Commitments.

This campaign will consists of Early Empowerments on Periscope (and Facebook live), as well as daily Bible reading, meditation, prayer and at least one area in your personal life you want to improve. I will also be preaching a series entitled; "Better"

It is my prayer that we'll all be encouraged and strengthened through this campaign.

Because of Christ

Dr. Clifton E. Freeman, Jr. 


Lifting Lumberton                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


January Update

January Update So this is an update. We have been able to help 7 more families. This now brings the total to 26 families that we have been able to reach for the Kingdom this far. We have a few more to reach You and Mt. Calvary have made a tremendous impact for the Kingdom.-- Apostle Patrick McNair


Apostle Patrick McNair & the Transforming Life Christian Church in Lumberton are our ground zero liaison.

Pray about how much to give & if God is leading you to go to Lumberton.